Meditating with yoni eggs

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Yoni Eggs are powerful stones that help women to connect with their inner feminine energy. Although they seem to be a recent phenomenon in the West yet they have been in practice for years in the East. Chinese concubines and imperial women have been using Yoni Eggs since time immemorial. It is claimed that the secret to their ever-glowing skin and ageless beauty lies in Yoni Eggs.

However, these lovely stones not only enhance your beauty and sex drive but they also help you to discover your true self. If you think there is something lacking in your life and if you are in quest for an answer from within, Yoni eggs would be great for you. Yoni eggs will acquaint you with your inner sexual prowess and unleash your innate energy which will transcend you on a higher plane as an individual.

Are you too contemplating to start the practice of meditation with Yoni Eggs? Well, the post below offers a brief on how to proceed with Yoni Egg meditation the right way.

Prepare the Egg

You just can’t tuck the Egg inside the moment you have it delivered at your home. There is a preparatory stage to follow here to harness the great power of Yoni Eggs at its fullest.

So, first you have to cleanse your Yoni egg. The stone should be boiled in a pan of clean water for a few minutes. After water starts boiling, take it out and dry it up properly. Then, burn some amount of sage around your Yoni Egg to cleanse it thoroughly. When you do it, visualize a beam of white or golden light flowing inside the stone. Then, you will have to charge it. Yoni eggs are charged by moon light. So, perform the cleansing ritual on a full moon night. This way, you can get the stone charged immediately after the cleansing ceremony.

While charging, don’t keep the stone on bare floor. Rather get a clean and beautiful piece of cloth and place the stone over it. Light up a candle and imagine your intensions channeling into the stone. Sit with a clear mind and think positive.

Getting ready for meditation

After you Yoni Egg is charged up and ready, it’s time for you to get ready for meditation.

Create the right ambience

But, first you would have to set the right scene. Switch off the lights and close the curtains. Make sure you are alone in the room. In other words, there should be no distraction in the room. This is your “me time” when you will connect with your inner space. Any distraction in the room will hamper your practice. Light up some scented candles and play some meditation music. There are music videos online that are especially meant for Yoni Egg meditation.

Practice Yoni breathing

After you set the scene, you have to prepare your body and mind for the meditation. Take a warm bath and wear clean clothes. Next, you have to clear your mind of any stress or negative emotion. Deep breathing will help you to attain a relaxed mind and start your meditation on a positive note. Insert the stone inside vagina. You may also place it on womb. Now, take a few deep breaths with your mind completely focused on Yoni Egg. As you inhale squeeze the vaginal muscles and release them as you exhale. Focus on your body, you sexual prowess and awaken your powerful feminine side.

Start your meditation

Finally, you are ready for mediation. Sit or lay down in the same position that you were while practicing Yoni breathing. Close your eyes and visualize energy from the powerful stone flowing into your body. Imagine the energy encapsulating every crevice and every cell of your body. Visualize there is a bright glow around you and you are basking in the glory of that divine energy. Meditate the scene for as long as possible. Your body and mind will tell you when you are over.

Tips to find the right Yoni Eggs

There are different kinds of Yoni Eggs available today and each of them comes with unique power and function. Here is a brief on the popular Yoni Egg stones so that you can have your pick as per your needs.

Nephrite Jade

The most popular Yoni Egg for beginners, the green stone is very gentle, warm and light. You will often find it in sets of 3 in three varying sizes. The stone is great to cleanse your mind which is extremely important when you first begin your spiritual journey with the Yoni Egg. If you have a past trauma haunting and not letting you live in peace, the green Jade is the stone for you. It will guide your body and mind to steer clear of those negative emotions and look forward with optimism.


The purple stone exudes a sense of luxury and smoothness like a boss. But these stones are more than just good looks. They are also great to improve mental clarity, thought process as well as intellectual prowess. So, if you are looking for wisdom and guidance in life, Amethyst Yoni Eggs have the answer for you.


Opal will be your stone if you are seeking help to magnify the inner self. The stone looks plain at a glance but turns into a magnificent beauty when light shines on it. If you are struggling to find the reason behind the Yoni stone journey, an Opal will show you the truth. It will let you discover your traits and uniqueness and purpose of your spiritual journey. Opal also promises a solid boost to creativity. If you are in some profession that often calls for creative juices, count on Opal.

All the stones mentioned above are great for beginners. You will find them in varying sizes. Try to start with the smallest one if you are planning for insertion. Once your body gets accustomed to the stone, you can gradually move to larger sizes.

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