Types of vibrating butt plugs for pros

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If you want to experience new sensations, perhaps look for the vibrating anal plug also called vibrating butt plug. They are aimed at both men and women and allow orgasms of a difficult intensity equaled. Often, a little more expensive than non-vibrating, they are very good qualities and offer intense sensations. Some models have a perineum stimulator or even an integrated penis ring.

What is an anal plug?

An anal plug with vibration (also called butt plug) is a kind of small vibrator intended for anal use. The anal plugs are rounded at the end and have a conical shape for easier insertion. In addition, one end of the butt plug should be significantly wider. Thus, it remains easily in place and cannot be inserted entirely by mistake. Vibrating Butt Plugs are available in many shapes, colors and materials! They are used either for preparation for anal intercourse or for pure stimulation. Remember of cleaning them properly post each usage! There are butt plugs with vibrations, especially for stimulation. Not only will they fill you, but thanks to their exciting vibrations, they will give you a special pep!

Use your anal plug with vibrations

Anal plugs with vibration are particularly well suited for preparing for painless anal intercourse, just like anal beads. They are introduced with a little lubricating gel to relax and stretch the rectal muscles. To insert it, use anal lubricating gels special. Anal plugs with vibrations can also be used for pure stimulation. They can thus stimulate the P point of the man during lovemaking and therefore cause harder erections or also fill the woman for a real pleasure for two. No matter how you use it, with the vibrating butt plug you will always have a special toy available!

Put spice in your sex life, dare the anal plug. This gadget will make you discover previously unprecedented sensations. Get off the beaten track and let yourself be tempted by the other way. Whether it is an initiation or a regular use, the use of the anal plug must above all be done gently so that the pleasure is optimal. Many models are available, from the most classic to the most original, including the vibrating plug or the ball plug. Used alone or in addition to sexual intercourse, it will guarantee you 100% increased pleasure. The anal plug has many followers, both in women and in men. Alone, in pairs or with others, it guarantees spicy and exhilarating nights. Choose the anal plug most suited to your desires and discover new sensations with your sex toys.

The different forms of anal plug

The classic conical beginner plug, elongated and smooth

  • Vibrating plugs: some models have different vibration modes. Others are even remotely controllable
  • The ball anal plug: the ball movement inside the plug provides intense sensations
  • Pearl plugs:pearls provide additional excitement thanks to its movements on the inner wall of the anus

Inflatable plugs: which allow you to adapt the size of the plug

And finally, the “fantasy” Vibrating Butt Plugs which bring a touch of sensuality and excitement during naughty games: the base of the plug is decorated with jewelry, rhinestones, rabbit tail.

The various materials

The silicone is a good compromise. Indeed, its non-porous and hypoallergenic texture allows use with comfort. It is a flexible material and soft to the touch. The sensations are all the more pleasant during anal penetration.

The metal is an environmentally friendly material for the body as well. Also, it is very easy to maintain given its non-porous and smooth appearance (stainless steel).

Like metal, glass is smooth and rigid. However, it is a very fragile material.

In certified plastic (ABS), the plug is also hypoallergenic such as silicone.

The wooden plug is not the best solution but it does exist. Admittedly, it is very rigid but we must be wary of its quality depending on its origin.

The TPR rubber / TPE is not a recommended material for even if it is hypoallergenic it is not porous. Which may seem dangerous.

Finally, jelly is a soft material and its composition makes it possible to have inexpensive products. However, it is a fragile and brittle material which presents dangers.

How to put on an anal plug

First, lubricate your butt plug and lubricate your anus without skimping! An anal lubricant will provide the desired sliding effect to facilitate the insertion of your sex toy.

Then place yourself comfortably in one of the following three positions:

  1. On all fours (doggy style)
  2. On the back, with the legs apart and a cushion under the buttocks
  3. Squatting or kneeling above your butt plug

You will quickly find a position that suits you, but nothing prevents you from testing others to find your preferred position.

Then take the plug in hand by holding it both by the insertable part and by the base, place its tapered end (slightly inclined towards the belly) at the entrance of the anus, then gently push it in. inside. You should feel it penetrate you.

When you feel ready to continue, penetrate your plug deeply by removing your hand from its insertable part and controlling its movements using its flared base.

Vibrating anal plug: precautions for use

In addition, some precautions for use must be implemented before any use. The anal plug should be inserted gently into the anus to avoid damage to the rectum. In addition, for your safety, it is better for the anal plug to be fitted with a string in order to be able to recover it if it sinks too far into the rectum. Finally, the use of lubricant is strongly recommended in order to facilitate the insertion of the sex toy and to avoid any form of complications and dangers which could reach sexual health.

Which anal plug to choose?

If you are searching for a little more extensive, it is recommended that the silicone anal plug at an excellent quality / price ratio. Ergonomically shaped, this anal plug targets the prostate and rests on the dorsal side of the vagina to offer exquisite sensations of pleasure to men and women.

Buy a vibrating anal plug online

If you are looking for high-end Vibrating Butt Plugs, you will surely find what you need online! Vibrating anal plugs, such as the Glo Slim Vibrating Anal Plug from Doc Johnson transport you to a new world of desire thanks to their 7 vibration functions! If you’re a fan of anal pleasure, take a look also on dildos anal, the vibrators anal and anal beads and chains. You may also go to lovegasm store for a wide variety of vibrating butt plugs.